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Hickory Saw & Tool  – Complete Catalog

Featuring our full range of products from stile and rail cutter sets, woodworking drills, ONSRUD to bearings, dowel drills and boring bits.

Hickory Saw & Tool Catalog  – Section 1


  • Insert Raised Panel Cutters
  • Stile & Rail Cutter Sets
  • Multi-Profile and Finger Joint Cutters
  • ICK Inserts
  • Panel Saws
  • Split Scoring & Conic Scoring Saws
  • Hogging Units
  • Type “C” Four Flute Countersinks

Hickory Saw & Tool Catalog  – Section 2


  • Woodworking Drills, Countersinks
  • Hydraulic & straight bore moulder heads
  • Diamond tipped cutters/router bits
  • HSS, jointer and planer knives

Hickory Saw & Tool Catalog  – Section 3


  • Tool Holders and Collets

Hickory Saw & Tool Catalog  – Section 4


  • Solid Carbide Bits
  • Carbide Tipped Straight Bits
  • Stagger Tooth & Mortise Bits
  • Round and Half-Round Bits
  • Glue Joint Bits
  • Handrail & Molding Bits
  • Raised Panel Router Bits
  • Bearings & Accessories
  • V-Groove, Panel and Cove Bits
  • Rabbeting, Round-Over, Ogee, Flush
    and Laminate Bits
  • Solid Surface and T-Slots Bits
  • Edge Profile Bits
  • Groove and MDF Door Profiles
  • Stile & Rail Router Bits
  • Cabinet, Door & Drawer, Window Sash Bits

Hickory Saw & Tool Catalog  – Section 5


  • Conversion Charts 

View ONSRUD Cutter Catalog


  • Single & Double Edge/
    High Speed Steel
    0 Flute Straight
  • Single Edge Carbide Tipped/
    Straight Opposite Shear
  • Three Edge/Carbide Tipped
    Slotting Cutter & Lock Mitre
    and many more!


View Whiteside Product Catalog


  • Standard, Flush Trim & Chipbreaker Spiral Bits
  • CNC Router Bits
  • Roundover and SurfaceBits
  • Boring Bits, Dowel Bits


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